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Shrink Sleeves

It is the most commonly used, very versatile and rapidly growing labelling decorating option. The biggest advantage this labeling type offers is a 360-degree coverage of the design on the container. The same can used with a variety of containers like glass, plastic, metal and composite cans. Apart from aesthetics, the same could be used as a tamper evident solution.

  • Roto-Gravure Printing upto 10 Colours.
  • Flexography Printing upto 10 Colours - UV Based/ Combi
  • PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride
  • PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate)
  • OPS (Poly Styrene)
  • Biodegradable Films - PLA
  • Specialized Formulations.
  • Container Evaluation & Suggesting correct Option.
  • Trials, finalization of Dimensions & KLD Development.
  • Counterfeit Solutions (Cap Sleeve/ Body Sleeve).
  • Promotional Options - Create Consumer Engagement.
  • Message Print/ Pocket Sleeves/ Perforation Promo.
  • Premium Ink Aesthetic and Feel options.
  • Metallic/ Sensory/ Tactile/ Matte & Gloss etc.
Industries with high applicability:


Heat Transfer Technology is a unique design transferring process with application of heat & pressure, that impregnates a design onto a container, giving a nearly no label look and very long brand visibility on the container, enhancing the brand reach & recall. The technology is very suitable for bulk packing used in Lubricants, Chemicals, Paints, Inks, but due to the benefits is finding its way in other similar requirements industry like stationery (Pens / Markers) etc.

  • High End Roto-Gravure Printing upto 8 Colours.
  • PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate)
  • Container Evaluation & Suggesting correct Option.
  • Technical support Pre and Post development.
  • Can be done for diverse containers: PET/ ABS/ SAN/PP/HDPE etc.
  • Support on Heat Transfer Machines.
  • Multicolor Graphics Transfer in Single Pass.
  • Reduces Lead Time of Decoration, Increases Productivity & hence cost effective.
  • Reduces Inventory Cost & helps in easy change over of design.
Industries with high applicability:


In Mould Labels is a fast-growing Labelling option in which a pre-printed/fabricated label (PP or HDPE) is placed inside the mould, just before container forming. The label fuses with the container and becomes the part of wall thickness of the container.

The technology is being used more in Food Segment (Yoghurt, Ice- cream, Dairy, Cheese etc), Paints, Lubricants, Chemicals & House Hold. However, has started finding in roads in other segments (Personal Care, Beverages etc..) due to advantages offered.

  • High End Roto-Gravure Printing upto 9 Colours.
  • Flexography Printing upto 9 Colours.
  • PP (Poly Propylene).
  • As per Product Requirement / Client Specs.
  • As per the moulding process - Injection or Blow Moulding.
  • Container Evaluation & Suggesting correct Option.
  • Technical support Pre and Post development.
  • Value added Options - Metallic/ Both Side Printed/ Matte etc.
  • High End Graphics possible with a No Label Look with high durability.
  • Can be used on Thin Containers as Label adds to Wall Thickness.
  • Reduces Lead time for packing operation &helps in easy changeover of design.
  • Cost-effective cosmetic technique for long run.
Industries with high applicability:

Wrap Around Labels

Wrap Around Labels is BOPP printed material which is supplied in roll form and is applied using the specialized applicator at clients end. It is the most common packaging option used by beverage industry.

  • High End Roto-Gravure Printing upto 9 Colours.
  • Flexography Printing upto 9 Colours for Laminated Structures.
  • Technical support Pre and Post development.
  • Value added Options - Metallised/ Holographic/ Pearlized/ White Opaque and Transparent
  • Very Cost Effective Packaging Solution.
  • Can be used on any container; however straight line contact is required.
Industries with high applicability:


Makers Polyfilms Private Limited, moving on lines of our vision & coupled with our clientele confidence in us, we would soon expand into other Flexible Technologies like Pressure Sensitive Labels, Flexible Laminates & Pouches.