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List of QC Lab Equipments

  1. Weighing machine :- For ensuring accuracy of GSM of film / laminate.
  2. Colour Matching Cabinet :- Ensuring colour shade matching with approved LSD / Matching sample.
  3. Hot Air Circulating Oven :- Checking the temperature resistance on printed film and laminate. Also used for checking ink dry GSM.
  4. Tensile Tester :- For testing the strength of adhesion between two film layers of laminate. It ensure the performance of the laminate for the product to be packed.
  5. COF Tester:- Coefficient of Friction tester is used to determine the coefficient of friction property of plastic films and laminate. This test is essential for measuring slip property of packing material to ensure smooth running on production packing machine line and to measure the effect that a coating or print has on base material.